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Here are some articles of interest:

What Is Access Bars® (Mental Energy Reset)?  Link Here Auriel discusses the exciting new technique which can eliminate negative, limiting thoughts and programs from your consciousness and free you up to live a more creative, free and happy life!  This is a fabulous new technique that works with 32 bars of energy on the head, and just might be the graceful way of changing your life that you have been looking for!  Would you like change to be easy?  What else is possible?

Thoughts on Healing and Transformation – Auriel discusses the old paradigm of healing, and its limitations, then compares it to the new paradigm of Transformation, and how it is different. Which do you prefer?

What Is Energy Psychology? – Auriel offers some of the new Energy Psychology techniques to her clients, and this article is a basic discussion on what this is and what it offers.

Essential Oil Basics – Auriel discusses the basics of essential oils as a personal tool of transformation.

Is a Stress Release Aromatherapy Massage for me? – This aromatherapy massage is based on the Young Living Feelings Kit, and this article discusses the basics, including the benefits, and who might be interested in this type of massage, and the classes available on this service and other essential oil subjects.

What Can Raindrop Therapy do for Me? – Auriel has been offering and teaching Raindrop Therapy for many years, and this article is a discussion of the basic benefits, and the types of issues best addressed by Raindrop Therapy. (Auriel teaches a six hour class on Raindrop Therapy, so this article is a brief summary.)

What About Muscle Pain? – Auriel talks about her favorite essential oils she uses in her massage practice.

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