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Thoughts on Healing and Transformation

What is healing, and how does that differ from transformation? Is one process better than the other? Healing is a term that everyone uses, and it has some distinguishing characteristics as part of its paradigm,

which are not necessarily negative, but definitely will influence how the person experiences their journey of healing:

  • Healing is a process, and it often takes time (sometimes a very long time!)
  • Healing implies someone is “ill” or “not whole” – an aspect of negative judgement
  • Healing often requires a lot of work and repetitive treatments in order to be effective
  • Healing can have a “detox” time, in which the person will experience a worsening of physical symptoms, or an emotional or mental “healing crisis”
  • Healing often just shifts the pattern into something else, i.e. one cancer being resolved, only to return somewhere else

Healing is an older paradigm, and it has been used for centuries as our main way of dealing with issues and making them better. Most well known healing modalities participate in the healing paradigm, and have most of the distinguishing characteristics hard wired right into their individual healing model.  Some examples are:

  • Traditional Medicine – drugs, surgery, etc. – side effects, pain from surgery, hard work and time to rehab and recover
  • Nutrition, Herbs – detox reactions very common here, must take repetitively, sometimes indefinitely, to maintain results
  • Massage, bodywork – one is sore the next day, often must do stretches or work to maintain changes
  • Exercise and Physical Therapy – push through the pain, takes a lot of work, repetition
  • Some types of Energy therapy -healing crisis can be fatigue, moodiness, mild detox, etc.

This paradigm has worked for a long time, and we humans have managed to make progress in healing, although it is often painful, time consuming, and expensive. The “no pain – no gain” mentality is very dominant in the healing paradigm. Many people experience trying many different types and modalities of healing, investing a lot of time and money, to find that they are not much further along in their healing process. There are SO many “healers” presenting so many variations of the latest nutritional discovery, bodywork, health gadget, etc. It can be daunting and expensive to experiment and try enough types of healing modalities until you find a combination to work for you. It might be understandable if at some point, one might throw up their hands in frustration! I have talked to quite a few people who have found themselves at this point.

Transformation – A New Paradigm!

There is a new paradigm emerging, which I call Transformation. It is different, in that one can avoid many of the more difficult characteristics in the healing paradigm. These new modalities work at a level of change that allows the pattern to transform at a higher level, in the person’s energy field. What is unique about these new modalities is that the rules are different! They do not require a long, difficult process, the results are often instantaneous, and hopefully, one can avoid the “healing crisis”. (Caveat:  One’s personal beliefs often can override the rules of this paradigm, so if you believe you MUST have a healing crisis in order to feel better, you will usually experience one!)

These new consciousness technologies are amazing, and as we “allow” ourselves to transform more easily, we can access the true Grace that they bring to us. We are in a habit of processing, doing repetitive work, and so forth, and if we believe in “no pain – no gain”, we will not value or see results from anything that doesn’t provide that. So, we have to do our own mental shifting to allow ourselves to get the full benefit from a more graceful way of changing. Working with the new consciousness technologies holding onto our belief in the old healing modality rules would be kind of like Fred Flintstone’s car in the old cartoons, still powered by his feet!  These new techniques cannot work properly until we begin to let go of our old obsolete rules, models and values!

Auriel believes that often, the first thing that is necessary in providing effective transformational technologies is clearing the old, limiting beliefs about “healing” that the clients holds, so the new techniques will actually work as they are designed to work! If you have tried EFT and not gotten great results, this could by why. That is the reason that it is helpful to work with a facilitator, because we often cannot “see” our own issues clearly enough to navigate our own path with these new modalities!  (Even professionals who provide energy modalities for others usually find that they must get help with their own issues for best results).

If we can borrow the analogy of the computer, then the old healing techniques are similar to working on the “hardware” of the computer, or the electronic and mechanical “guts” of the computer to make it work better.  The new, transformational technologies are more like changing the software.  I think that in the future, we will find that working on our “software” is often the best and most efficient way to go!  It is usually less messy and  frustrating as well!

Transformational modalities are a true gift to all of mankind. Consider whether or not you are open to receive more graceful, efficient change… are you ready?

Auriel offers the following Transformational Modalities: Access Bars®, Access Body Processes

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