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Auriel services are listed below with a brief description, with links to the appropriate page for more details:

In-Person Services – Auriel offers all of her services to in-person clients: massage, including Corrective Sports Massage, which she is known for, as well as other types of massage, energy psychology, essential oil treatments and consultations.

Auriel offers many Energy and Energy Psychology techniques. Auriel is a Reiki Master and does various types of energy work, including Reiki, EFT, Access Bars®,  and various other synergistic energy techniques.

Here is a Service Menu with Prices.

Essential Oil Consultations– Auriel offers essential oil consultations, in which she can make recommendations on which essential oils might be of benefit for whatever issue you are working with currently. She offers these in person or by phone/SKYPE. Click on link for more details.

To learn How to Schedule an appointment, click on this link.