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What Can Raindrop Therapy do for Me?

Raindrop Therapy is a very luxurious, strengthening, soothing massage with essential oils that brings the body into electrical and structural alignment, in order to strengthen and support your overall well being. Raindrop Therapy often causes people to report that they

were surprised at how good they felt after they received the treatment.
What is Raindrop Therapy?

  • A luxurious combination of nine very special essential oils applied to the back and spine along with massage and moist heat packs, which provides a nurturing, relaxing experience for the lucky recipient
  • Exquisite relief for tired, tight and chronically sore muscles using massage techniques along with the oils
  • A life enhancing treatment which has been said to support one’s overall health and level of energy, because energy centers are aligned and stress is reduced dramatically
  • A tune up for the spine, back and central nervous system by aligning energy centers and doing a special massage technique on the back.
  • An pampering experience that feels absolutely luxurious, and is extremely relaxing to the body, mind and spirit

What can it do for me?

These are some of the results that others have reported:

  • Profound relaxation of back, neck and shoulder muscles
  • Reset of “muscle memory” so that bad posture habits may not return so quickly
  • Increase of circulation and oxygenation of tissues from massage
  • Address tight muscles which can cause discomfort in your back, neck and shoulders
  • Most people report an increase in overall energy, mood, and mental outlook that can lasts for weeks or even longer after receiving a Raindrop Therapy

Who would most benefit from receiving A Raindrop Therapy?

I believe that everyone* would enjoy this wonderful aromatherapy treatment, and would experience release from tension and stress. It is truly a nurturing experience.

However, if you are someone who deals with certain issues, such as those listed below, your results from Raindrop Therapy might be even more noticeable:

  • If you have stress in your life
  • If you have chronic back pain, such as tight shoulders and neck from sitting at a desk all day, sports injuries, lower back problems, or sciatica.
  • If you feel you just don’t have a sense of well being and harmony, the Raindrop Therapy may gently support you by getting you aligned energetically and structurally***.

We recommend that for best results, you should schedule three Raindrop Therapies in a row, scheduling 1-2 weeks apart, if possible. However, one Raindrop Therapy can also give you tremendous benefits, and it is always such a relaxing, pleasurable experience.

These are just a few of the experiences and benefits that others have reported after experiencing a Raindrop Therapy. We hope that you will let us know your positive benefits and experiences, if you decide to give Raindrop Therapy a try! We would love to hear your feedback.

The Raindrop Therapy essential oil treatment is offered in spas, clinics and by independent therapists across the United States, and is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the finest aromatherapy treatments available today.

We hope you will indulge yourself by scheduling your own Raindrop Therapy services very soon!

Auriel Coleman has been offering Raindrop Therapy professionally for over twenty years, and offers Raindrop Therapy massages to her local clients by appointment.

*There are certain situations which would require modification of the essential oils which are used, such as pregnancy, so please disclose fully any health conditions you may have when you come for your appointment.

Auriel teaches classes on Raindrop Therapy, and other essential oil classes for therapists who wish to integrate essential oils into their practice, and also individuals who wish to learn more about the benefits of therapeutic essential oils.  Please call or email Auriel for more information, if you want to attend or sponsor a class, and sign up for her mail list. (See box below, at bottom of page.)

Also see article on: What about Muscle Pain?

***Please seek a doctor’s care for any condition of pain, illness, or injury, especially any chronic issue that doesn’t resolve for you.  They could be a sign of a medical condition that should be addressed by your Physician.

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