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Revised Referral Program – How Can You Get Discounts or Even a Free Massage?

Beautiful woman on massage tableHow Can You get Discounts or a Free Massage with Auriel?

I am revising my referral program due to inputs from some of you, so that it lasts through August 2016! That will give you more time to accrue your five referral credits, so that you can get a free massage!
Brief Summary:
• Between now and 9-1-16, for every new referral you send in who comes in for their first appointment, you get a $10 discount.
• When you have a total of 5 referral credits, (worth $50 total discount) you will get an additional $35 discount, for a total $85, which is equivalent to a free Sports Massage with Auriel!
• You can save each $10 discount towards a free massage, or use them as you get them, it is up to you!
• It’s a win-win! I am excited to reward you guys for spreading the word about me!


PS – Discounts can be used towards any service that I offer, including energy sessions, but not for products.

October 2015 Special Offer from Auriel!

I had someone come in for a Raindrop Therapy Massage last week, and I got inspired!  Raindrop Therapy Massages are so nurturing and so amazing!   The aroma they leave in my office is so wonderful!  What if I offered Raindrop Therapy Massages at a discount for the month of October 2015?  How cool would that be!? 

What is the Special?   $10 off a Raindrop Therapy Massage.  Regular price $135, so you get the full 1.5 hour Raindrop Therapy Massage with nine essential oils and special Raindrop Therapy, along with a full hour massage and moist heat packs, for $125!  YLO LAVENDER WITH LAVENDER SPRIG

What is Raindrop Therapy Massage?

In brief, Raindrop Therapy Massage includes the following:

  • Begin with Valor Essential Oil blend on the feet, which is said to balance the energies in the body, on the right and left sides of the spine, and relax one and put one in a receptive, healing state.  Auriel usually takes you through a brief guided relaxation to assist you in deeply relaxing and letting go.
  • Apply eight different essential oils to the spine, dropping them from above the spine, smoothing them down the spine, and doing the Raindrop Therapy procedure on the back and spine.  This procedure releases the muscles on either side of the spine, releases pressure on any of the nerve roots exiting the spine, and gives a VitaFlex treatment to all the points along the spine.
  • Auriel finishes with an hour massage, which can be Deep Tissue or Swedish, and includes the famous moist heat packs on your back and neck at the end!

What a luxurious treatment!  The aromas are fabulous! It is a great thing to gift to yourself, (or someone else) especially as we are going into the season for colds and flu!  The Raindrop Therapy massage is said to enhance one’s natural immunity and  some have reported feeling energized for some time after receiving a Raindrop!

Call today to make your appointment!

For a more detailed article on Raindrop Therapy massage, go to this link.

I hope to see you soon, with my Raindrop- Therapy oils ready to go!


Call or Text 262-573-2078 for an appointment!KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


Events in August 2015! Access Bars® Taster and Classes!


WHAT IF ………                                                          Zenitude et Fraicheur 

• Life Could Be Easy?
• Change Could Be Easy?

Would you be interested if you were told that you could lie down on a massage table for an hour or so, receive gentle touch on points on your head, and you could receive the change and ease in your life you are looking for?

Access Bars® addresses old mental programs, habits and beliefs that we have picked up and made our own, that do not support us in being who we choose to be or creating the life we desire. Some have compared Access Bars® to having maintenance done on your computer: to de-fragment the hard drive, clean up and delete old programs and links that no longer work, get rid of viruses, and make it run faster, all done for your Brain!

What would your life be like if you were free of old beliefs, judgments, traumas, habits and areas you where have shut yourself down? What if problems don’t have to be processed and fixed? What if it really could be that easy?

Access Bars®  includes holding light touch on 32 points on the head, which hold information on subjects such as:

• Control
• Creativity
• Body
• Aging
• Joy
• Peace
• Hopes and Dreams, and more…


What do people often report experiencing after receiving Access Bars®?

• Things are just easier…life seems much less stressful and more fun!
• What used to “bother” them doesn’t trigger them.
• They feel clearer and more resourceful, becoming aware of solutions that they never saw  before. Creativity is often boosted!
• They have more peace.

As some like to say: at the worst, you will feel extremely relaxed and nurtured as if you have had a great massage, and it is possible that your whole life could change! Are you willing to choose ease for you? What else is possible for you and your life?

fall 2011 047  big cedar sunset agency widget 280 x 100

Does any of this sound interesting to you?  Would you like to learn more?  Auriel Coleman and Lisa Berman will be offering an 3 opportunities to learn more about and experience Access Bars® in August, 2015.

EVENT #1 – Access Bars® Taster

  • The first will be a “Taster”, and we will talk about Access Bars®, and allow you to briefly experience it for yourself, and ask questions, to see if Access Bars® might contribute to you and your life.  This event would be of interest to both those wishing to decide if they would like to receive Access Bars® for themselves, and for those who might already know about it and have experienced it, but wish to ask questions and might even be evaluating whether they would like to become a Practitioner.  If you are curious, we invite you to come and have some fun with us as we explore the fabulous Access Bars®!

Access Bars® Taster/Introduction  – Cost is “Free”

Time and Date:  August 16th (Sunday) from 2 pm to 4 pm

Location:  Threads of Light (Auriel’s Office)  Location and Map to Auriel’s Office

Event #2 and #3 – Access Bars® Classes

  • The second and third events will be Access Bars® Classes in which you will learn to do Access Bars®!  These classes will fully train you in doing Access Bars®, and at the successful completion of the class, you will have a certificate that will authorize you to do Access Bars® as a Practitioner, and charge money if you wish. Of course, you can also just gift Access Bars® to your family and friends, or anyone, for that matter!  You can choose whatever works for you!
  • What would your life be like if you could offer the gift of Access Bars® to others?  You will give and receive Access Bars® in this class, so how great is that?!  You get an opportunity to practice giving and also to receive one or more full sessions for yourself.  We invite you to come play with us!NCBMT CEU Provider Graphic

Cost of Access Bar class        $300                                

($150 repeat discount for those who have taken an Access Bars® class before.)

For massage therapists, Auriel offers CEU’s which are accepted by NCBTMB)

  1. Class #1 :  August 18th, (Tuesday) from 10 am to 6 pm at Auriel’s Office.  Class limited to six participants, so RSVP is required.

  2. Class #2 :  August 24th, (Sunday) from 10 am to 6 pm at Auriel’s Office.  Class limited to six participants, so RSVP is required.  

Would you like more information right now about what Access Bars® can do for  you and the people in your life? 

Below is a link to a video on youtube that might give you more interesting information.  This is a brief video (about 11 minutes) recorded at a health expo.  Dr. Fannin, a neuroscientist, who does brain scans and is interested in measuring the effects of meditation and other techniques on people’s brains, offered to do a brain scan on someone before and after receiving Access Bars®

This video is what Dr. Fannin noticed in the brain scan.  I don’t totally understand everything he says, but the outcome of this is that Dr. Fannin was so impressed with the results he found, that he is now in the process of doing an official study of the effects of Access Bars® on people’s brains.  Pretty exciting stuff!  If you are interested, here is the video:

Youtube Video on Brain Scan of Access Bars® results (clickable link)

This video is courtesy of Access Consciousness®, and you can find more information at www.accessconsciousness.com.

Here is a testimonial from one of Auriel’s clients who has received several Access Bars® sessions with Auriel:

It is not often in life we truly get to “begin again, and start fresh,” but that is exactly what Auriel’s Access Bars® therapy was able to do for me.  Two significant  life altering events occurred years ago that had left me anxious and worried in ways that kept me from enjoying life to it’s fullest.  This anxiety and worry was not only harmful to me, but to the people I loved most and wanted to protect.  After just my first session with Auriel, I noticed a significant change in my ability to relax and let go of the past.  I felt better and more relaxed than I’d felt in a very long time.  I have continued the energy work with Auriel and after each session, feel more relaxed and less worried.  I had no idea the weight and anxiety of the past was affecting me as much as it was.  Not only does the therapy help you release the past, it also helps give you new coping strategies and ways of thinking that are far more beneficial.  I have more energy for what matters most in my life.    – Wendy in Mequon, WI

Come joins us for the Taster, or choose one of the classes, or both!  Please RSVP if you are attending any of these events, so we can have enough materials available for you! 

Number to call to RSVP – 262-573-2078   or email Auriel at aurielcoleman@hotmail.com

We hope to see you in August!footprints

Gift Certificates now available via Email and Regular Mail!

Gift Certificates at the Office:

Auriel will be at her office on Saturday, December 21st from 10 am to 1 pm to allow people to come and purchase Gift Certificates.  However, if this date doesn’t work for you, and you can’t get in to the office to purchase one before Christmas, or any other occasion for which you need fast turnaround, Auriel has added a couple of other ways to purchase gift certificates.

Gift Certificates by Mail:

If you aren’t in a hurry, Auriel can take your credit card by phone and for a $3 surcharge, mail you an official gift certificate in an envelope.   If you don’t need it for five days or so, this could be a good option, if you can’t get by the office in person.


Gift Certificates by Email:

If you need it in a hurry, Auriel is offering email Gift Certificates.  There is no surcharge for them, but you must have an email account through which to receive the Gift Certificate, that your recipient also won’t find a copy of the gift certificate by mistake.  You should receive your Gift certificate the same day, or the next day at the latest.

Here is how to order email or by mail gift certificates:

1.  Call Auriel at 262-573-2078 with your credit card and choice of what you want it for:

*Dollar amount  – such as purchasing a $100 gift certificate

*If you don’t want the person to know how much it costs, it can be for a service, such as a Swedish Massage or Raindrop Massage.        Please see the service menu to choose which service you want before you call, so we can expedite things for you.  Auriel can assist you to choose if you really don’t have any idea what might be appropriate.

2.  Auriel will take your credit card over the phone, and charge your credit card for the appropriate amount.

3.  She will take your email and prepare and send an email Gift certificate to you, or mail a nice Gift Certificate Card in an envelope to you, whichever you request.

If buying the email Gift Certificate, you can then print out the email and put it in your own envelope, or perhaps in a card, to present to the person who is to receive it.   **If you do not have access to a printer, this email option may not be your best choice.

The email gift certificate is just to facilitate a quick way to get a gift certificate for those last minute shopping occasions!


So now you have three ways to get Gift certificates from Auriel:

1.  Come by office and purchase in person, either at a time Auriel has designated, such as Sat. Dec 21st,  or by appointment.

2.  Call Auriel and purchase with credit card over phone and have nice copy mailed to you.

3.  Call Auriel and purchase with credit card over phone and have email sent to you which you must print out.

Auriel offers Gift Certificates all year long, so when you need a Birthday present, or Shower present, or a gift for some other occasion, sometimes a nice massage or energy session will be that unique gift that no one else will think of! 

I hope this makes it easy for everyone!



Need a Unique Gift for that Special Someone? What about a Gift Certificate with Auriel?

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Progress on New Office!

The carpet is going in at my new office today!  Yay!  Hopefully, this will mean I can set up, decorate, and start working

there either later this week (July 9, 2013)   or next week (July 15, 2013)!  Finally!

The address is:

Threads of Light, LLC

11019 N. Towne Square Rd, Suite 4

Mequon, WI 53092

See  my webpage, under the “Services” menu, on  “How to Schedule an Appointment” for a map!

Remember, you must call for an appointment, as I am not there all the time!


Auriel has Posted new Service Menu and Prices!!!

Auriel has now posted her new prices and services that she is offering as an Independent Therapist!!   These include:

Sports Massage

Swedish Massage

Raindrop Therapy Massage

Let It Go Massage

Various Energy therapies including the exiting new Mental Energy Reset (Access Bars®)!  This service allows you to get rid of mental blocks and old programs which limit your life and keep you stuck!  Read more about it in this article! ®?" href="https://helpyoutransform.com/2013/06/what-access-bars/"> Access Bars® – What Is It?

Auriel also offers Reiki, Matrix Energetics, EFT (Energy Psychology), on which you can read article here:  What is Energy Psychology?Also she offers  Aromatherapy consultations and more!

Here is the link to the new service menu, which is available from the Menu on the Home Page under Services.  Service Menu and Prices.

Stay tuned for news on location changes!

Auriel has recently become a Certified Access Bars® Facilitator!


What on Earth is Access Bars®?  Well, it is a wonderful type of body process that works with 32 points on the head.  It is so

relaxing, and although each person’s experience is unique, it seems to eliminate limitations in one’s thinking, stuck patterns in one’s personality, and generally free up life to be easier and more graceful and easy!   How does it get any better than that?!

Auriel has been offering this wonderful new service to her clients for a while, but recently became a Certified Facilitator, which means she can teach others to do Access Bars®, and is authorized by Access Consciousness® to offer classes in the Milwaukee area!

If you haven’t given Bars a try yet, what are you waiting for?  Read the full article on What Is Access Bars® by clicking on link.

Yippee!  Life just keeps getting more fun!

For more information on Access Conciousness, and their products:

Links To Access consciousness Website below: (please bookmark when you get there so you can find them again!)

Link To Access Consciousness® Shop to Purchase Books and Audios

Link to Access Consciousness® Classes

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