Featuring Young Living Essential Oils


Here are some useful links and resources: (Please bookmark this site before you leave!)

Auriel has a selection of Young Living Oils for sale at her office.  If you would like to purchase something, contact her.

www.iherb.com – My favorite site to get discounted vitamins and supplements. Use coupon code COL971 to get a discount off your first order.

www.abundant-health4u.com A wonderful website which has a wide variety of aromatherapy supplies, including educational books and materials, bottles, cases, sprayers, diffusers, and lots of wonderful essential oils supplies! Well worth a look!

www.earthing.net – Earthing is one of the exciting new ways of reducing inflammation, and helping your immune system stabilize and strengthen by grounding your body electrically to the earth itself! Auriel has had some amazing results from working with this new earthing gear, and highly recommends it to everyone! Check out the website, plus there are some great interviews on youtube! Search for videos on Earthing with Clint Ober, Dr. Sinatra, David Wolfe, and even Dr. Mercola has one. See a video interview with Dr. Sinatra on our Media page!