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Is a Stress Release Aromatherapy Massage for Me?

We all have stress in our lives. Stress is part of modern life, with our hectic schedules and too much to get accomplished in every day. All of us have our ways of

coping. Stress can affect our health, our energy level, our moods, and our ability to cope with our lives in a very profound way. The Stress Release Aromatherapy Massage is custom tailored to provide Stress relief.

Stress is a nervous system response which causes our autonomic nervous system, which controls our blood pressure, makes our heart beat, etc, to go into “fight or flight” mode. This stress reaction reduces the body’s focus on housekeeping tasks like digesting food and repairing damaged cells, and puts us into a mode where all our energy goes to our extremities, adrenaline release is increased, etc. It even affects the way we think, and makes it harder to remember anything except instinctual responses. This is a survival mechanism, which allows us the “temporary” resources of extra energy to deal with the stress quickly, so we can go back to our normal way of being.

Unfortunately, many of us have so many stresses coming from so many directions that our body gets “stuck” in the “fight or flight” mode. Even emotional situations add to the stress, as most of us don’t take the time to deal with them, but put them on the “back burner” to deal with later, when we have time. How many of us get the time to finally deal with all of this? So, the layers of emotional stress pile up.

When we spend too much time in this stress response pattern, it becomes a huge energy drain on us. Some of the side effects of chronic stress buildup can be:

Exhausted, but too hyped up to sleep or rest, and waking up tired in the morning
o Digestive issues and complaints
o Low energy
o Chronic pain and inflammation
o Fuzzy thinking, feeling overwhelmed, and feeling like you can’t handle one more thing. The inability to think clearly, be resourceful or creative.
o Dependence on stimulants such as coffee, caffeine, sugar, junk food, or even disappearing too much into television or computers.
o Depression, moodiness.

Obviously, some of these conditions are associated with serious disease conditions, and if these conditions persist for you, please consult your doctor. However, since the medical community often acknowledges the prominent role that stress can play in many chronic diseases, it is beneficial to reduce your stress reaction in any case.

How can the Stress Release Aromatherapy Massage help with this situation?

Regular relaxing massage has been recognized for a long time as an effective antidote to stress, because regular massage allows the body to relax and let go. If there is chronic stress in your life, combined with ongoing emotional reactions, many people find that once you go back into your life, the stress reaction can come back quickly.

Auriel is proud to show how to provide the combined benefits of aromatherapy and massage for the ultimate stress reducing experience!

What does aromatherapy do to help us?

How can we deal with the buildup of emotional stress? Aromatherapy is one powerful, yet gentle tool to accomplish this. The sense of smell is said to be “hard wired” into the part of the brain that processes emotional memories. Aromatherapy may be powerful because it accesses this part of the brain, and can help clear the stress response to our emotions and emotional memories. It may help, with repeated applications, to retrain the body’s response to stress, and reduce the emotional reaction built up in the nervous system, so the relaxation response lasts longer. Often, after some aromatherapy and massage experiences, you may find that the stressful situations in your life don’t cause the same level of stress response any more, and you may find that you are more resourceful, creative and have more energy to deal with them.

What Does one Experience in the Stress Release Essential Oil Massage?

The massage is a combination of gentle, nurturing massage, combined with the application of specific essential oils* used both in the massage, and to smell directly to activate the stress release from the brain. All of the essential oils used in this massage are “pretty” aromas, and they are a pleasure to experience.

Most people experience a profound sense of relaxation, with a “warm fuzzy” comforting sensation. This massage is intended to make one feel very nurtured and create a safe space for letting go. It is gentle, yet profound. Afterwards, people have reported having spontaneous memories of things they had forgotten from their past, or remembering their dreams for a while. These are all ways that the brain processes the changes initiated in this massage, as the emotional stress is released from the nervous system. Many report feeling a much “lighter” feeling, having more energy, improved mood, and find that the relaxation state is easier to maintain, even in the face of the normal stresses of life.

*Due to the quality of the essential oils, and the fact they are 100% natural with no synthetics, people rarely report any kind of allergy or negative reaction to these oils.

Auriel provides aromatherapy massages, such as the Stress Release Aromatherapy Message, as well as Raindrop Therapy, locally in the Ozaukee County area by appointment.

Auriel also teaches classes in essential oils and essential oil techniques, such as the Stress Release Aromatherapy Massage, and Raindrop Therapy, for therapists who wish to use it in their practice, and to individuals who wish to learn more about the therapeutic use of essential oils. Please email Auriel if you are interested in her classes, and sign up to be on her email list. ( See link at bottom of page.)

***This author makes no medical claims for essential oils.  Please seek a doctor’s care for any condition of pain, inflammation, or injury.

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