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Gift Certificates now available via Email and Regular Mail!

Gift Certificates at the Office:

Auriel will be at her office on Saturday, December 21st from 10 am to 1 pm to allow people to come and purchase Gift Certificates.  However, if this date doesn’t work for you, and you can’t get in to the office to purchase one before Christmas, or any other occasion for which you need fast turnaround, Auriel has added a couple of other ways to purchase gift certificates.

Gift Certificates by Mail:

If you aren’t in a hurry, Auriel can take your credit card by phone and for a $3 surcharge, mail you an official gift certificate in an envelope.   If you don’t need it for five days or so, this could be a good option, if you can’t get by the office in person.


Gift Certificates by Email:

If you need it in a hurry, Auriel is offering email Gift Certificates.  There is no surcharge for them, but you must have an email account through which to receive the Gift Certificate, that your recipient also won’t find a copy of the gift certificate by mistake.  You should receive your Gift certificate the same day, or the next day at the latest.

Here is how to order email or by mail gift certificates:

1.  Call Auriel at 262-573-2078 with your credit card and choice of what you want it for:

*Dollar amount  – such as purchasing a $100 gift certificate

*If you don’t want the person to know how much it costs, it can be for a service, such as a Swedish Massage or Raindrop Massage.        Please see the service menu to choose which service you want before you call, so we can expedite things for you.  Auriel can assist you to choose if you really don’t have any idea what might be appropriate.

2.  Auriel will take your credit card over the phone, and charge your credit card for the appropriate amount.

3.  She will take your email and prepare and send an email Gift certificate to you, or mail a nice Gift Certificate Card in an envelope to you, whichever you request.

If buying the email Gift Certificate, you can then print out the email and put it in your own envelope, or perhaps in a card, to present to the person who is to receive it.   **If you do not have access to a printer, this email option may not be your best choice.

The email gift certificate is just to facilitate a quick way to get a gift certificate for those last minute shopping occasions!


So now you have three ways to get Gift certificates from Auriel:

1.  Come by office and purchase in person, either at a time Auriel has designated, such as Sat. Dec 21st,  or by appointment.

2.  Call Auriel and purchase with credit card over phone and have nice copy mailed to you.

3.  Call Auriel and purchase with credit card over phone and have email sent to you which you must print out.

Auriel offers Gift Certificates all year long, so when you need a Birthday present, or Shower present, or a gift for some other occasion, sometimes a nice massage or energy session will be that unique gift that no one else will think of! 

I hope this makes it easy for everyone!



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