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Auriel has recently become a Certified Access Bars® Facilitator!


What on Earth is Access Bars®?  Well, it is a wonderful type of body process that works with 32 points on the head.  It is so

relaxing, and although each person’s experience is unique, it seems to eliminate limitations in one’s thinking, stuck patterns in one’s personality, and generally free up life to be easier and more graceful and easy!   How does it get any better than that?!

Auriel has been offering this wonderful new service to her clients for a while, but recently became a Certified Facilitator, which means she can teach others to do Access Bars®, and is authorized by Access Consciousness® to offer classes in the Milwaukee area!

If you haven’t given Bars a try yet, what are you waiting for?  Read the full article on What Is Access Bars® by clicking on link.

Yippee!  Life just keeps getting more fun!

For more information on Access Conciousness, and their products:

Links To Access consciousness Website below: (please bookmark when you get there so you can find them again!)

Link To Access Consciousness® Shop to Purchase Books and Audios

Link to Access Consciousness® Classes

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