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What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a generic term for any type of massage that addresses the special needs of athletes.  This type of massage works to correct issues caused by injuries and chronic issues.  Many people can benefit from this type of massage, not just athletes!

Auriel specializes in Sports Massage, and she does work with athletes, but the majority of her clientele are people with chronic issues.  These could be issues like tight neck and shoulders, restricted shoulder movement, even frozen shoulders, back pain, sciatica, injuries to ankles and knees, just about any problem that causes pain and restriction in movement.

Auriel has over 20 years of experience working with both athletes and people with chronic issues, both mild and severe.  She started her career after completing Massage School, being trained and mentored by a Physical Therapist, working with the Women’s Track Team for UW Madison.  The goal was to keep them running, and as healthy as possible, even when injured!  Auriel learned a lot about injuries, recovery, and how to support the body’s healing process via Massage Therapy.

Auriel also has worked in a Physical Therapy clinic specializing in chronic pain, so has helped people with issues that they might have been dealing with for years!  One person had a shoulder problem for many years, where it hurt to move it in certain directions, and the range of motion was restricted, and over a series of multiple massages with Auriel, and working with a very good Trainer, the shoulder issue completely resolved and didn’t return.   Age is no factor, and Auriel has gotten good results with people who are in their 80’s!  She has also worked with young people in their teens with the new “tech neck”, which is a stiff neck and shoulders from using phones and tablets.

A few of the injuries and issues that Auriel has worked with successfully over the years are:

*Recovery from a specific injury or surgery, sometimes in tandem with rehab therapist like Physical Therapist

*Job related physical pain, such as sitting at a computer all day, typing for too many hours, etc.

* Picking up a box or shoveling, hurting the low back

*Twisted ankles and compensations that can cause knee or hip pain later on

*Back pain post-pregnancy

*Carpal Tunnel, Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Neck Pain and Stiffness, Jaw Pain/TMJ, Headaches, Scoliosis,  support for people with back issues, disc issues, etc.

What to Expect during your appointment:

Auriel starts with a new client by getting a detailed history, doing a postural analysis and some range of motion tests, especially on the areas of complaint.  She looks for postural imbalances throughout the body, because sometimes the hip issue is causing the knee problems, etc.

The massages that Auriel offers as Sports Massage are not much like your typical Swedish massage.  They are very detail oriented with releases on muscle attachments that are involved in causing the pain pattern, and the goal is to get the majority of the muscles involved in the pattern released in the time allotted, so the body can reset and integrate to a higher level of function.

Working with Physical Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals

Auriel regularly sees people who are also seeing Physical Therapists, and because she has worked with PT’s before, she can enhance the results of the Physical Therapy by doing the detailed releases and opening of the muscles and tissues that the Physical Therapists are working with.  She also can address secondary areas that may be affecting the issue, which can dramatically enhance and speed up the recovery process for most people.  Auriel addresses each issue from a “whole body” perspective, which can work well with and add to the focused care given by medical professionals.

Will I have homework?

Bodies tend to be creatures of habit, so often, there is a need for the person to do an ergonomic check of their environment, to make sure the way they are spending their day isn’t contributing to the problem, and simple things can help support the positive changes created during the massages -things like setting up your computer properly to reduce stress on your neck and shoulders and other items to be aware of that Auriel will discuss with you.  Unless you are already working with someone, Auriel sometimes recommends supporting the process with some work at home such as  stretches, Yoga, Pilates,  or working with a Trainer who can specifically help them with stretches and movements designed to enhance their particular needs.

Will I So Sore that I Can’t Function the next day?

Many people have told me that when they get a sports massage or deep tissue massage, not only did it hurt, they were so sore and grumpy the next couple of days after the massage, they would NEVER willingly sign up for another one!

Although the sports massage that Auriel provides are deep tissue, due to her years of experience and the special clients she has worked with in the past, such as those with autoimmune issues, usually people do not have any rebound pain or soreness the days after the massage.  Auriel works with each person to tailor the depth of the massage to what they can tolerate easily, and still get the best results possible for each session.  Auriel seems to have a gift of knowing how to get the maximum releases possible for each day without traumatizing the tissues, and most people report little to no soreness or stiffness after the massage.

Most clients report that a sports massage with Auriel is unique, and something they haven’t experienced before.  If you have any chronic pain, stiffness or limitations in your movement, give her a call!

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